Welcome to the Essex Craft Society Website

The aim of our group is to encourage high standards of design and craftsmanship through the promotion of selected artists/craftworkers of Essex, and to bring their work to the general public through exhibitions and other events.

Each member is selected for the high level of skill in their area of craft, as well as an ability to create work which shows their understanding of fine original design.

The range of different crafts within our community ranges from heritage skills such as pole-lathe turning and calligraphy to abstract contemporary prints. The common theme is that of highly personal and original work, often very modern, dynamic and highly skilful.

On this website we offer a glimpse into each member’s work. Their page will offer links the artist offers for you to find out more of their work and purchasing opportunities.

I hope you enjoy the beauty and quality of all the work shown on our site which should appeal to anyone interested in the following crafts;

  • Textiles
  • Jewellery
  • Fine Art Prints
  • Stained Glass
  • Domestic Pottery
  • Fine Art Sculptural Ceramics
  • Domestic Woodturning
  • Art and Design Woodturning
  • Pole-Lathe Woodturning
  • Traditional Chair-making
  • Designer Furniture

Each current member has a link with Essex but we welcome applications from any craftsperson whose work is of a comparable standard and might wish to apply. As a group we aim to exhibit annually, we also have individual outlets which we will list to encourage you to see their work.

Many of our members teach and are all keen to promote crafts, the skills our members possess are rare and learnt through years of experience. Some of these skills are threatened with extinction as often they are no longer taught routinely. By promoting them on this website we hope to bring attention to these special artistic gifts to a broad audience. We welcome feedback and dialog which will help us in this work.

Whilst we are a disparate group, in terms of styles of work, the community we feel in encouraging and recognising each other’s strengths helps us develop a greater understanding of Crafts in general. I hope this website can reflect this.

Thank you for visiting us.