Alan Foxley

Ceramic Artist

My interest in Ceramics began when I was introduced to clay as an art student. Although I trained as a potter/painter and teacher, the urge to continue working with this fascinating and versatile material has remained with me. Over the years I have worked in a variety of ways with various clays and have recently returned to hand-building, with the emphasis on a sculptural rather than utilitarian way of working. Ideas are developed from both natural and man-made forms, textures and the way in which the elements and time have upon them.

The scale varies, but most of it is fairly large and is principally suited to outdoor display, whilst the smaller, more intimate pieces need to be held in the hand where subtle variations in the surface are read by touch rather than sight.

After firing much of the work is rubbed down with abrasives to create smooth and polished surfaces which contrast with rough textures already created within the piece. In many instances much of it is reworked with oxides and glazes and if necessary refired numerous times until I am satisfied with the result.

Current work is principally hand-built one off pieces.

Coiling, slabbing and pinching both large and small scale mainly using Crank clay with the addition of porcelain, slips, oxides, dry and semi-matt glazes.

Work is fired in a gas fired top loader kiln LPG Mainly reduction fired 1280C

CV Trained at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham.

Taught Art in schools 1957-74; Lecturer in Ceramics, Saffron Walden College of Education until closure in 1977.

Set up own workshop initially wholesaling work but eventually moved into direct retailing with hand-built and thrown ware.

During the early eighties also taught 3D design to Foundation students at St. Albans College of Art.

Since 1998 I have concentrated on individual sculptural work.