Carlyn Lindsay

Designer / maker

I always had a project on the go as a child, often with cardboard, then as I grew and started using tools I began to work with wood. I started laminating at art school but needed a way to produce work relatively quickly from the blocks I was creating, this is when I started turning.

I design a piece of work, cut the wood and coloured veneers to fit, then glue them together like a sandwich. When dry I cut the block at 90 degrees to the first gluing then glue it back together with more veneers between each plank. The result is like a stick of rock. Turning the block on a lathe is a real buzz, a lively piece of work emerging from a gluey lump. I use oil, wax or resin to finish.

Colour, contrast and simple forms are important for me. Inspiration: Nature, architecture, linear structures like cranes, I like to go to boatyards, industrial sites, art galleries and museums.

I have been laminating, turning and developing for 30 years. My work is sold at exhibitions, galleries and by commission. I have been supported by the Princes Youth Business Trust, Wickes Diy, the Tony Boase tribute Fund and the Worshipful Company of Turners. I am a member of the Essex Craft Society and on the Registered of Professional Turners. I also do production turning, demonstrating and teaching.