Frank Cheffins


I first became interested in craft upon visiting a superb craft show during my teens, this experience led to my making scale ship models, and then to other crafts using wood.
I have had tuition from experienced teachers, especially from Don White, but like most turners I have found that learning comes mostly from practice.

When turning, I aim to create pleasing shapes, and to reveal the natural figuring in the wood. Sometimes this comes from a considered design, but at other times I like to react to the natural features of the wood, this is especially true of yew where the strong figuring will react with the curves of the turned shape and sometimes holes appear in the side of the piece which also form part of the design.

Recently I have started to make vases or hollow vessels rather than bowls. They have more depth than a bowl which allows for a greater range of shapes, and the small opening and hollowed out shape can have an intriguing quality.
I will continue to practice the craft, and to work on presentation of the work having seen recently how pieces can attract so much more attention when people can see them in a favourable setting.