Fraser Burchill


I joined the Essex Craft Society around 2010 having moved out of London to North Essex. It was great to meet some very talented like-minded makers with a wide variety of skills. The society’s selection committee were gracious enough to see my portfolio and let me join. At this time I was still working at Londons South Bank making Props for the National Theatre. So my pottery and woodturning was, in a way, an aside to the professional full-time job I had. Having the opportunity to exhibit at least annually with the Craft Society was a great motivator then, as it is now.

Picture of older man in apron holding large bowl

So my work as a prop maker meant I developed an extremely wide variety of craft skills but my personal focus is on my pottery and some woodturning. Pottery has been the long player in my life, I was enthralled by it right from junior school, when I made my version of Tutankhamuns death mask.

Having gone on to do a Degree in Fine Art and a post Graduate Teacher Training qualification, followed by a career in theatre Prop making, I now have a pottery Studio in Coggeshall, north Essex.

My pots are typically domestic stoneware, so mostly practical things like: mugs, bowls, vases and the like. Though I have rarely withdrawn from a challenge, so always look forward to trying out new techniques and developing into other areas. I have plans to do more hand built pieces this year having up to now focused largely on my thrown work.

I am in the process of building an extension to my studio, which when complete will give me the option to teach. The look and style of the work I make to sell is generally turquoise outer body and shiny white inside with a white upper outer band and a ‘shore-line’ of natural clay-body between the two. I have come to this design after many variations. This look, for me, suggests a number of things; shore to sea and sand/ natural horizons/ peace and calm. I regularly consider whether I’ve ever met an angry potter?

I hope seeing and or owning my work can illicit something of an easy pleasure for you too.

Fraser's oral history

As part of our Society’s archive project, we have collected oral histories from all of our members.

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