Lorraine Allen


I came to jewellery making quite late, having completed a number of art courses, culminating in HND in Jewellery and Silversmithing at London Metropolitan University which I completed in 2006.
My design inspiration comes from many different sources in the world around me and I am particularly interested in creating surface texture and contrasting finishes. I enjoy experimenting with different processes and, sometimes, experimentation leads naturally to the evolution of a design.

I have a particular interest in working with mixed metals, especially silver and 18 carat gold. Subtle colour contrasts can be obtained through the fusion of these two metals. 18 carat gold, in the form of filings or wire is positioned on prepared silver sheet and fused to the silver with the application of heat and without the use of solder.Great care must be taken to ensure that the metal is not overheated: this can cause the gold to be absorbed by the molten surface of the silver.I sell my work through selected craft fairs and galleries (for details, see my website). I am also happy to discuss commissions.
Glass beadmaking

I have recently been working with glass which has enabled me to introduce more colour into my work. The process of bead lampworking involves wrapping glass, softened over a flame, around a steel mandrel. Most of my beads are hollow: these are challenging but fascinating to make. I frequently add fine silver to the surface which I then etch to give the beads a subtle matt finish. The beads are annealed in a kiln and cooled slowly to avoid cracking and to add strength.