Tim Armstrong

Mixed Media Fine Artist

I trained at Cambridge School of Art and Nottingham College of Art and Design before postgraduate studies at The Slade School of Fine Art. For nine years I lectured at Glasgow School of Art before returning to Cambridge to lecture in the Technical College, and then at Cambridge Regional College.

Throughout that time I practised as a printmaker and mural artist contributing to exhibitions in UK, USA, Germany, France and Japan.

In the 1980’s and early 90’s I wrote and illustrated two books on the principles of pattern and colour. Both interests remain with me and are applicable to my present professional practise in glass.

From 1996-99 I re-trained In stained glass at Central Saint Martins College of Art. I now take commissions for stained glass windows ad panels while continuing to print, draw, design and exhibit.

For commissions I work with clients to choose new or traditional designs by discussion. The client’s wishes come first, and are adapted to fit the buildings in which the glass is installed. Light is always important- also age, style, colour and function.

For my “fine art’ productions I follow my own lines of development. I am especially interested in the motifs which are shared by patterns of different origins. The reasons vary: co-evolution, common origin, geometric structure: or similarity of purpose, process, material or perception. The pixel image is the most commonly sited example. Rectangular grids are found in the visual cortex, building bricks, mosaics, woven fabrics and computer screens.

There are many others and I use them in mirror constructions, coloured glass and mixed media works. I like to find new combinations, illusions and surprises.

Qualifications:- BA Painting: Nottingham College of Art Postgraduate diploma in Fine Art; Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. Postgraduate diploma in Advanced Stained Glass: Central Saint Martins School of Art Postgraduate certificate in Glass and Architecture:

Central saint Martins school of Art

Member of The Society of Designer Craftsmen

Tim's oral history

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